What is the Service Center?

The iMoMo Service Center in Kyrgyzstan promotes the use and application of innovative low-cost, high-tech iMoMo technologies for monitoring water, the digital transfer of related data, and for modern web-based data/information exchange and management. 

It provides hardware and software support, maintenance and repair for iMoMo water measurement and accounting technology. It provides guidance with regard to the use and application of iMoMo technology in new locations and offers capacity building as well as institutional development expertise in the Central Asia region and beyond.

The Service Center offers tailored advice to Water User Associations and Rayvodkhoz on the details of how best to integrate the iMoMo water measurement and accounting technologies in their daily workflows and for modernizing their existing procedures. Based on request, training seminars are conducted for demonstrating the use and application of iMoMo hardware and software technologies to target stakeholders. 

The iMoMo Service Center KG works with the Department of Water Resources, the Provincial Water Management Authorities, the Water User Association Support Units, Rayvodkhozes and Water User Associations for awareness creation, outreach and road shows. It is in constant exchange with the international iMoMo Consortium and the iMoMo Global Hub that is being established in Geneva, Switzerland.